Skills Development

We Grow Food’s Urban Neighbourhood Farming Helps Fill Needs,
solving some of the problems we face in priority neighbourhoods:

• Provide volunteer opportunities and sweat equity rewards.

• Youth, along with the community at large that will have access to knowledge about how food is grown, harvested and stored.

• Youth and volunteers will learn transferable skills.

• Provides venues for We Grow Food to offer outdoor Healthy Kids Programming from May to September.

• We Grow Food created a replicable model  that can be used in other communities.

• Access to fresh “hyper local” food and working towards growing fruits and vegetables year- round. Contributing to eliminating food deserts in the city.

• Reduce urban poverty and food insecurity while enhancing our neighbourhood’s health and well-being.

• Stimulate local economic development, create more safe and inclusive space, continue to green the city and have an environmentally positive impact on land that is underutilized.

• Deliver social integration.

• Offer recreational opportunities for our neighbours through programming and volunteer placements.

• Open the door to training opportunities and mentorship by inviting Local Farmers, Durham College, and various schools and groups in the area to give on-site training to students and neighbours.

• Implement the use of technologies such as hydroponics, drip irrigation, zero tillage, aquaponics, etc. These tools will encourage innovation amongst the users.

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