The Gardens

Here’s a list of our beautiful gardens, alongside pictures and a description of how they came to be and what they’re all about.

‘Alexandra’s Bounty’

Built in the fall of 2016, it was ready for planting in the spring of 2017. This incredible 69′ diameter circular raised bed garden was built by over 50 people in a mere 8 hours! Incredible what can be done with many hands. Here we grew over 40 different herbs, vegetables and fruits. Here we have a gazebo that not only catches water for watering but is a lovely spot, used by many, to sit and watch the garden grow. There are wicking beds, row covers, and bee condos. There is a pollinator garden that was installed by Lakeridge Adolescent Out Patient clients and a butterfly garden. Alexandra’s Bounty is visited by residents of the neighbourhood, visitors to the hospitals looking for respite, and schools. Education is on-going from composting to cooking in the garden.

The South Patch

The South Patch, located in Oshawa’s Cordova Park began June 2015. With dozens of people coming to move a mountain of soil into 100-foot beds along with a series of raised beds, a hedge of raspberries and a few fruit trees. This garden, in South Oshawa supports and impacts over 100 families that come and harvest from dozens of food items. A lovely sight is watching a child run across the street, from the apartments, and gathering up some basil says with a smile “my mom is making spaghetti sauce”. The garden is abundant and Sheila, Adam and the kids make sure to make a weekly run of excess produce to the food bank. With summer programming, three times a week beginning in the summer of 2016 through the Healthy Kids Oshawa program we have seen many more families coming and spending time at the South Patch.

The Carea Gardens

Spring of 2018 We Grow Food was approached by Carea Community Health Center to see if we would manage the large food gardens out back.  This would be our 5th neighbourhood garden in Oshawa, making the total of urban  land farmed almost 2 acres. This year the garden was changed from plot holders to a shared garden format.  Carea’s Garden of Health is abundant offering fresh produce not only to fulfill their  fresh produce programs and food hampers ,  but enough extra to be distributed to WGF’s community agencies that have increased ten fold due to COVID -19. 

The Pepper Patch

The Pepper Patch Community Garden was started in 2013 by We Grow Food and enthusiastic members of the downtown Oshawa community where it is located on a vacant City of Oshawa lot.  From the beginning the garden has been a huge asset to the area.  Working together to grow healthy food, meeting new people, sharing produce with others, and beautifying the neighbourhood are benefits that can’t be matched!  The current motto is Growing Healthy Community Together.

The Berry Patch

The Berry Patch Garden followed in 2014.  Utilizing raised beds (built by the local volunteers with wood donated by Oshawa businesses) this garden grows many  herbs.  In addition there are numerous berry bushes and a few dwarf fruit trees.   The Berry Patch also has an outdoor stage which brings local musicians and neighbours together.  

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