Helping Build Resilient Communities with a We Grow Food Membership:

Seed – $20.00 or pay what you can – In the infancy stage, a seed is very vulnerable, but with your coaxing care, the seed will grow until maturity. Your help, making programming and the gardens possible makes this germination possible.

Sprout – $100.00 – As the plants begin to sprout, it is fragile and much of its energy is spent growing deeper roots and thicker stems to hold the fruit it will grow. During this stage, parts of the plant begin to develop. Your gift, like with this plant, helps us develop into a strong sustainable community organization.

Pollinator – $500.00 – This next stage of the plants growth there is a strong root system established and the flowers can begin to form. Your gift is the pollination stage which is crucial to the development of the fruits we grow to feed the
community. It produces the food that creates food security. Your gift allows us to continue with the educational programs about growing food in and out of the gardens.

Maturity – $1000.00 – In this stage the plant has grown strong. It can bear the weight of the all the fruit it is producing. The plant’s energy is focused on ripening its fruit but also in producing seeds for the future. These seeds are the future of
growing, ensuring food for our children. Your gift is strength and vision for this future. And what a gift that is!

Membership Gifts                                                    Seed $20  Sprout $100 Primary $500Maturity $1000
Quarterly Newsletterxxxx
Pre-booking for annual harvest feastxxxx
Invitation to garden eventsxxxx
Visits to gardens during garden’s scheduled hoursxxxx
Membership garden tours xxx
WeGrowFood Reusable Produce Bag xxx
WGF T-shirt  x 
VIP seating  xx
Private garden tours with refreshments  xx
Name listed on our supporter page of website   xx
Opportunity to have a display at the harvest feast  xx
VIP day/photos/press/lunch  xx
WGF hoodie   x
Logo & prominent placement on website   x
Special harvest gift   x
Ticket to “Catered Dinner For 6”     event draw   x

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