Covid-19 Policy

What we’re doing to mitigate risks… These past few months have been very difficult, with everyone going great lengths to avoid spreading the dangerous Covid-19 respiratory virus. We’re no different, as we’ve taken a variety of measures to protect our volunteers inside and outside the gardens. Following the guidelines outlined by Health Canada and developing our own action plans have allowed us to keep the gardens open and safe. See the list below to get a more in-depth look at what we’re doing!

Surface Sanitization

• Tools are regularly sanitized and are always cleaned before being used by another person.
• The open nature of the gardens means there aren’t many surfaces that need cleaning, reducing the risk of exposure.

Limiting Access

• Access is restricted to registered volunteers only in order to help us manage the number of people in the garden.
• Less people are scheduled to work at a time now, helping us maintain a distance between people.

Physical Distancing

• As per guidance provided by health experts, we do our best to maintain the 6ft/2m physical distancing rule.
• Tasks are given with physical distancing in mind, keeping people at a safe distance apart while they work.

Wash Stations

• Every garden is equipped with a portable wash station containing soap, water, and sanitizers.
• These wash station help people keep their hands clean from both dirt and bacteria!

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